"Ideas are like rabbits, you get a couple and learn how to handle them; pretty soon you have a dozen." - John Steinbeck


Our Story

We are a studio factory, based in Mumbai, and the youngest division of Embassy Apparel, a family owned business in continuous operation since 1964.

We specialise in luxury hand embroidery and beading.

Macrame, fabric manipulation, hand painting, printing, machine embroidery, novel surface embellishment techniques are some of the other skills you will find in our atelier.

Between the two of us, we have 20 years of experience in dealing with designers from all around the world. We speak the language of international design houses as well as the language of our local artisans and kaarigars, thus ensuring a perfect translation from your brief to our deliverables.

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Arpan Veera

Founder & CEO

Alka Gvalani

Creative Director