Craftsmanship steeped in tradition, for contemporary fashion and modern design.


What we offer

Hand Embroidery & Beading

Our team of kaarigars (artisans) are skilled in ancient techniques, passed on through the generations. We work with traditional craftsmen to integrate these timeless techniques into modern day designs.

Conceptualising & Sampling

Give us your mood boards, your design briefs and your colour palette. We'll work closely with you to translate your ideas and your inspirations into innovative concepts and exciting samples.


We can source embellishments, fabrics or suggest alternatives components to meet your design requirements.

Printing & Dyeing

We have extensive experience with high quality dyeing & printing of fabrics & components to match your pantone shades.

What sets us apart is the consistently high quality of our work, be it couture handwork or the dyeing of fabrics and embellishments. We insist on quality in both material and workmanship, and personally oversee every step of development & execution. Extensive communication and your approval at every stage ensures perfect alignment with your design vision.

Have something in mind?

Send us your idea/concept/requirements, and we will get in touch with you.

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